What to expect at Estancia El Totoral?

While we pride ourselves on hosting a unique exprience with nice rooms, great food and excellent service, we are not a 5-star hotel, and do not pretend to be. Here, luxury is express differently. Estancia El Totoral is rustic but charming, remote but easy to get, mind-blowing, and adventurous. If this is what you are looking for, look no further!

How is the dynamic of a country day? Can we stay overnight?

You can visit us just for the day, with our “Country Day” option or stay for one or several nights, choosing the “Country day with lodging” option instead.

We´ll receive you early in the morning and after having a coffee with some local pastry you´ll go out for horse riding, trekking or just browse around the vineyard.

The idea is for you to feel at home and decide what to do, when to do it and for how long! There is no need to pre-schedule any activities before your visit!

Lunch will be held at the lodge and normally a typical ASADO is served with a great variety of salads form our orchard. During the afternoon, you can still go for some activity again if you feel like it, or you can just admire the surrounding countryside and find unique sports to retreat, read or have a glass of wine.

If you are spending the night up with us, be ready to continue having appetizers & wine around the fire at the Wine Bar’s terrace admiring the sunset colors, followed by a lovely dinner inside the lodge.

How does the “all inclusive” system works?

All meals, unlimited wine and activities are included in the daily rate.

It’s important for you to know that while you are staying at the ranch, you probably won’t be going out for excursions, wine tours or restaurants as we are located deep inside a hidden valley and that’s why we include all meals and activities in our rates.

The idea is for you to feel at home, not having to worry about extra costs, measuring what you eat or what you do. There are no extra costs once you are in the ranch.

How´s the accommodation at the ranch? What´s the total capacity?

All six suite rooms at Estancia El Totoral, tastefully furnished with traditional Argentinian artworks and local fabrics, open to corridors leading to a central courtyard, as in the old Jesuit estancias.

What kind of activities do you offer?

We offer outdoor activities and all of them are included in the daily rate. Unlimited horse riding, trekking and 4×4 excursions will make you unplug and rediscover nature, finding the peace you were looking for.

How´s the horse rindings desinged?

Horse riding in Estancia El Totoral is the main activity. Trail riding getting to the highest peaks of the ranch, in a mind-blowing scenery is available for everyone. Previous experience is not required. If you are a novice we´ll be there to advice and help, making you feel comfortable from the very beginning.

We have Criollo horses. Easy to ride, calm, strong, surefooted and familiar with our mountain terrain.  We have a horse to match every riding level.

After riding, spend some bonding time with your horse brushing them, offering carrots (they love them!) and taking them back to the corral….

Our leather style saddles and tacking attire are comfortable and in good shape making you feel confident and secure.

And what about the trekking?

Trekking is a fun and challenging option, walking through green valleys and mountain trails, giving you the possibility to be in real touch with nature, listening birds singing and wind noises…

There are trails for every level, all of them of incredible beauty. The duration depends on you! From 30 minutes till full day excursions, with a light picnic lunch in the way.

We´ll be happy to guide you and port water and snacks for you!

Is biking available?

Of course! We offer bikes so you can go into light or heavy trails. The decision is up to you in terms of length and difficulty. Are you up for it?

I would like to go on photos safaris. Can I?

Estancia El Totoral is home to a fascinating and diverse number of flora and fauna species. The preservation of nature allows red deer, foxes, hares and an amazing variety of birds, to be permanent residents in this ranch.

For Photo Safari lovers this is a fantastic place since the interaction with wildlife is permanent. Enjoy spying on red deer herds while riding and admire condor flights!

What should I expect in terms of gastronomy in while I’m in the ranch?

We are proud to say that 100% of our visitors assure that the culinary experience at the ranch has been the best they tried so far in Argentina!

We personally select the different meat cuts for the ASADO, getting sure they are tender and savory. Fresh salads from our orchard, local sides, and excellent wines from the Mendoza wine region will be the perfect match. Homemade desserts will be offered, including of course the traditional Dulce de Leche in many of them.

Also, we´ll honor you with homestyle meals, old family recipes, and delicious local dishes, giving you the opportunity to dive into Argentinian culinary culture. 

If you have any kind of dietary restriction or preferences just let us know in advance so we can spoil you even more!

How to get to the ranch?

Fly into Mendoza directly from Santiago de Chile, Sao Paolo (Brasil) or Buenos Aires and other provinces in Argentina.

Hire a Car: We set a Meeting Point, located just 6 km away from the ranch. Until this point it’s possible to get with any regular car. A family member will be waiting for you at a previously combined time, normally in the morning.

We provide a safe place where to leave your car. Continue with us up to the ranch, on our pickup trucks. Getting to the ranch takes 20 more minutes, driving between mountains and with a mind-blowing panoramic view of the Cordon del Plata mountain range.  An adventure itself.

Hire a Transfer service from Mendoza: We can suggest some on demand and will combine a Meeting point. We’ll pick you up from there!

Hire our transfer service: Recommended. Some family member will pick you up on your arrival to the airport or from your hotel and drive you to the ranch.

Helicopter transfers are available on demand.

How long will it take to get there?

By car, it will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to get to the Meeting Point. Add 20 minutes more to get to the ranch in our pickups!

How do I organize my trip to Mendoza?

Our recommendation is for you to leave your stay with us for the last part of your days in Mendoza. Experience first nice hotels, wine tours, fancy restaurants and then come to us for a total different experience….

What should I pack?

You are coming to the mountain! Don’t forget to pack comfortable trekking shoes, long trousers, lightweight rain/wind jacket, gloves, long socks, hat, sunscreen & lip balm and many layers of coat, including a heavy one. Even if you are coming in summer season, besides your swimming suit, you´ll need a heavy coat as soon as the sun goes out!

We´ll provide riding helmets and chaps for you!

Are kids welcome?

Of course!! Estancia El Totoral is family friendly. It’s a perfect place to enjoy with children.

All activities can be done by kids, even horse ridings. We´ll be happy to teach and assist! In case you prefer them not to ride, they can stay at the lodge and someone from our staff will take care of them. 

Our aim is that the whole family can enjoy all the activities!

Are you open all year long?

Yes indeed! Our highest season is from October until April (spring – summer for us down here!), but we are happy to receive you during our winter time as well! Snow and wine make a perfect match!

How´s the weather like?

Expect mountain weather. Usually we are blessed with warm sunny days but even in summer, whenever the sun is gone, the temperature comes immediately down. Mendoza is famous for the wide range of temperatures between day and night!

Is there Wi Fi or phone connection?

If you are looking for unplug, Estancia El Totoral is the right place.

We do have Wi Fi, inside the lodges and in the surrounding garden area. As there is no phone connection in the area, when you go for outdoor activities take your phone just to capture the moment in a nice shot!

What should I expect in terms of sustainability?

We do all our efforts to minimize our impact through practices in self-sufficiency.

Most of the vegetables we offer are grown in our own orchard.

We use grass fed meat, which besides of being more sustainable is much savorier than the one produced in feedlots!

Solar power is used to supply the lodges.

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